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Monday, September 19, 2005

Coming Back Swingin'

Given that the title of this blog post and even the pic could be an advertisement for erectile dysfunction I feel that is only fitting that I warn of the potential health consequences of reading this particular post...although other Fatness 2 Fitness posts may also fall under this health advisory category.

Subject may become drowsy, gaseous, nauseous...experience dizziness or lack of concern with one's own life. Additional side effects may include laughter, anger, happiness, sadness and/or any other emotion which can be explained in print. Simply put...I don't know what this does for you....but if it does something I'm not to be held liable...because I told you so.

All of the warning aside however...we are back on track. After a great week of Krav Maga, learning how to kick and punch harder, faster and in a variety of ways...sweating out gallons of perspiration...and enduring the sore muscles we pushed into a weekend session which taught us how to disarm a knife wielding attacker. Note that if we do see one coming at the present time we will opt to kick hard and move fast in the opposite direction...but if given no other choice we've seen how to shock (by way of hard fist meets soft face), hurt (twisting, popping, breaking, etc.) and potentially kill the threat in a matter of seconds (there is a loose knife involved remember). Pretty hardcore...eh? Also please note that Carrie has been instructed to "fight tough" with me to allow for the fact that she is a female partner...yet must allow me to practice as though fighting another male. I have the bruises on my arms, neck and legs to prove that she's not giving an inch in terms of favoritism. I knocked the wind out of her too...and was torn between being tough and proud or embarrassed and sorry that I gave her a shock. She responded minutes later with a punch to the throat...payback is a motherf***er sometimes.

The most important part about last week was the transition from just the two of us and fitness...to the inclusion of friends, social life outside healthy eating/living and still managing to cling to the fitness goal. We've eaten out a few times in the past week...but I've found that my appetite has changed from Super-sized to moderate sized...and my cravings for fast food have significantly dissipated. Good news for my heart and belly. In my opinion it has been the challenge to get better at Krav Maga, the focus on better food/cooking and a new approach to working out which has made this Fatness 2 Fitness goal very enjoyable. I still cheat now and then with some not-so-healthy food and skip a night at the gym...but it's an increasingly rare occurrence...which is good to know.

Until the next post...Carrie and I will continue our quest toward the Yellow Belt (give us about 2 months)...hopefully shedding more pounds and ultimately looking better than ever when Thanksgiving arrives. Be assured that the calorie boycott will go on hold when that day arrives...Thanksgiving on a diet is no Thanksgiving that I ever want to have...although I will continue my ongoing boycott of Chicago Stuffing (a horrendous sickeningly brown mess handed down through generations of Carrie's family to punish Thanksgiving eaters for enjoying an otherwise perfect non-Greek meal). If you see this mess in your lifetime simply scream, "Afto Einai Kako Skata!" and they'll get the idea that you want nothing to do with it. Trust me.


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