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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Gilad Puts My Body In Motion. . .

In the past few weeks I've had some extra time on my hands to devote to exercise, reading and watching daytime TV. In my quest to be a Diet Diva I've come across Fit TV and rekindled my love for the exercise guru Gilad and his fitness show Bodies In Motion. I use to work out with Gilad on a regular basis when I was in High School but when I went off to college my dorm room wasn't big enough for the both of us. The love affair ended.

Once I discovered Fit TV I was excited to get my Gilad fix and try other new exercise shows as well. I quickly realized that Bodies In Motion is the only exercise show on Fit TV worth watching. His techniques are easy to follow and you feel the burn within minutes. I am able to do his show in my small NYC living room with plenty of room and comfort. Gilad doesn't use fancy equipment that people in the real world would have laying around their house like step boxes and stretch bands. However, Gilad does use hand weighs and I would recommend using 5 pound weight or soup cans if you don't have the weights at your house.

I've also tried Pilates, Tae Bo and other shows on Fit TV but none can compare to the workout Gilad provides. To all the ladies, Gilad is very easy on the eyes and the show is shot on location in Hawaii and all the workouts are on the beach, it motivates me to want to get back into my bikini days. And to all the guys, there are plenty of cute girls sweating along in the background. The love affair is back with a vengeance and I know Greg won't mind once he sees my results.


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